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Internal Memo: Where We Go from Here

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To: Hasbro Global Employees

From: Brian Goldner, Deb Thomas, John Frascotti, Darren Throop and Dolph Johnson

RE: Where We Go from Here

Date: June 5, 2020


We want to close out this week – this incredibly challenging week – by saying thank you. We’ve had the privilege of hearing from so many of you about your experiences, your frustration and your desire to be part of the change. We couldn’t be more proud of the way this team has come together, engaged in meaningful dialogue, and pushed for action. This moment, this groundswell, will be a catalyst for lasting change across our company, and we will continue to encourage and foster dialogue to give you the opportunity to speak up and share your voice. While we’ve made strides, we have a lot of work to do as a company and as a society.


One immediate action that we are taking is to formally change our purpose to “Making the World a Better Place for All Children and All Families.” While this has always been the meaning behind our purpose, this is a time to be more overt in both our intentions and our actions.


We are also increasing funding for our Employee Resource Groups – Diversity, Women’s Leadership, PRIDE, Military Families and Career Parents – so they can expand globally, involve more employees across Hasbro, Wizards and eOne, and participate in more meaningful activities to drive change within our company and communities.


You will be hearing much more about additional actions we are taking, and we encourage you to watch the video for more about what’s happened this week, and where we go from here.


Thank you,


Brian, Deb, John, Darren & Dolph


Video Transcript:


Over the past several days, as we’ve been talking about racial injustice, we have also been listening and looking within ourselves and our organization critically and honestly.


And on behalf of our senior leadership team, we wanted to personally thank each of you who has shared, courageously, your experience and perspective, and your ideas for what we can do better.


It’s clear that while we’ve made a lot of great strides, especially during the past few years, we are not where we need to be. We can do better…and we WILL do better.


Our immediate response to the moment – the murder of George Floyd and the call for change that followed – was to donate, to speak out, and to support our employees. And while all of that’s very important, what really matters is where we go from here. It’s time for us with the privilege of power to reflect on how best to use this privilege to bring about a more just world. We truly want to do better, and we’re taking the time to get educated so that the actions we take are sustained actions that will create meaningful change.


At Hasbro, we’re in a very unique position to help shape minds and hearts from the earliest age. We have the privilege of being a part of childhood, fandom, and intergenerational play and entertainment, globally. With that privilege comes a responsibility to foster inclusion and to help teach the next generation that everyone is equal, and everyone is worthy. Making a difference in the world is our purpose and our legacy. We want every kid to feel like a hero. To see themselves on the screen, in their toys and games. To feel like they belong and they matter, irrespective of the color of their skin.


We are committing here to do better. From the composition of our leadership and workforce to the representation in our products, our packaging, our experiences, our marketing and our entertainment. We will do better. Together with our teams, we are creating plans and accelerating initiatives already in place - and we’ll be sharing updates on our plans, our progress and our challenges. And we will hold ourselves accountable and trust that you also will hold us accountable. If you’re not seeing the change, if there are things we can do better – please speak up. Tell us. Help us do better and be better for the next generation.


Through forums and team meetings and town halls, we’ve connected live with thousands of you this week. We’ve been moved by your passion, your courage, and your frustrations, and we’ve heard loud and clear that you all want to be part of this change. Every one of us has a role to play in ending racism, bigotry and injustice. And each of us can make a difference.


Thank you very much.