Consumer Care Phone Directory

You can reach us during business hours:
Mon-Thurs 8:00am-5:00pm EDT and Fri 8:00am-1:00pm EDT.

Product questions, comments and game play can be addressed quickly through our self-serve database. If your question is not covered, you can email us from there.

Customer Service Phone Directory

Brand: Consumer Care Phone Number:
(Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Hasbro Games)
Playskool (preschool and infant products) 800-752-9755
(including Canada)
Hasbro (all other Hasbro products) 800-255-5516
Tiger Electronics 800-844-3733

You can reach us during business hours:

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM EST
Saturday - 10 AM - 6.30 PM EST orders 800-408-0052