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Giving Overview


2017 Giving Overview

Our goal is to make the greatest impact possible by using all of our company assets, including financial support; donations of our toys & games; the time & talent of our employees; and the use of our brands. The impact made by our philanthropy is only possible because of our passionate team of employees, dedicated charitable partners and all who experience and purchase Hasbro brands across the globe.


“Dear Fellow Human Beings, are we doing the best we can do? Or can we do a little bit more to create a better world?”
— Hasbro Community Action Heroes

335,000 People Take the BE FEARLESS BE KIND Pledge

Hasbro’s BE FEARLESS BE KIND initiative encourages young people to stand up for others, be inclusive, and make a difference in their communities.

Last year, ten Hasbro Community Action Heroes, ages 7–18, gathered in New York City and posed these questions: “Dear Fellow Human Beings, are we doing the best we can do? Or can we do a little bit more to create a better world?” Together with spoken-word artist Max Stossel, they wrote the BE FEARLESS BE KIND pledge. A video about it, produced by Creative Visions, can be viewed HERE.

The Kindness Rising campaign, powered by YSA (Youth Service America), helped bring their pledge to life. It led to more than 335,000 young people, educators, parents, and caring adults taking the pledge online.

Hasbro Community Action Hero Morgan Guess (pictured center) was one of thousands of young people who put their pledge into action. Morgan, 15, organized a project to give families in need a present on Christmas Eve.

“There are people in our community who will have nowhere to go on Christmas Eve,” said Morgan. “They will be cold, and likely sad and lonely…. We want to give them a way to stay warm, give them hope, and show them they are cared about.”

For every pledge taken (up to 300K), Hasbro donated a toy or game to Toys for Tots, to be given to families impacted by the California wildfires and the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, South Florida, and Houston.


“The children learn self-control in difficult situations, teamwork, and the ability to accept that everyone is different.”
— Maria Gaivão, President, Escolinha de Rugby da Galiza

Worldwide, Partners Provide Hope to Children

From Florida to Portugal, Hasbro works with dedicated partners who help to provide hope to children and families in need.

Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa & G.I. Joe Gym Open at Give Kids The World Village

For more than a decade, Hasbro has worked with Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses. In 2017, Give Kids The World opened the new Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa and G.I. Joe Gym, with the help of $150,000 from the Hasbro Children’s Fund. Named after a My Little Pony character Hasbro created just for the Village, Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa is designed to appeal to boys and girls of all ages and offers salon services like airbrush tattoos and face painting. The new G.I. Joe Gym is a fitness center for those guests who want to work out during their stay. Hasbro employees visit Give Kids The World Village year-round to volunteer, have fun with the children, and help make the families’ experiences unforgettable.

Teaching Teamwork and Inclusion Through Rugby in Portugal

In Estoril, Portugal, a group of kids is learning about teamwork through a sport they previously knew nothing about. Over the last five years, Hasbro has assisted ATL Galiza, a charitable organization that works with disadvantaged families in the area, develop Escolinha de Rugby da Galiza (EsGaliza). The group helps educate kids about teamwork, cultural differences, and self-esteem through rugby programs in Estoril’s schools. Most recently, Hasbro joined forces with the community to install a brand-new turf field. Says EsGaliza president Maria Gaivão,“We’re grateful for all the support Hasbro and its employees have provided to us over the years to make this project a reality.”

Joy of Play

“I can personally attest that your work is what helped to make over 30,000 smiling faces across Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.”
— Kevin L. Shepherd, Sergeant / USMC

Delivering the Joy of Play

For more than 20 years, Hasbro has worked with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to help families in need during the holidays. This past year, we donated more than 1.5 million toys and games through campaigns to help local Toys for Tots units across the US, including the unit in Puerto Rico serving families impacted by the hurricanes. Despite logistical challenges that made shipping incredibly challenging, 30,000 Hasbro toys and games were delivered to Puerto Rico just in time for Christmas.

We received the following letter from the Toys for Tots coordinator in San Juan:

Dear Hasbro,
I returned to Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria and found the island littered with destruction, with looks of despair across the faces of every person I made eye contact with. On top of that, our Toys for Tots campaign was behind schedule and I was in a panic….

Communication infrastructure was crippled, yet I was able to receive some emails and phone calls from Hasbro. It was during those moments, I knew that everything would be OK. 30,000 Hasbro toys were going to be delivered to Puerto Rico to help ease the frustration and feelings of hopelessness felt by the families here….

… As a parent of a 4-year-old son, and furthermore as a United States Marine, I cannot express how thankful and proud I am of the work you all have done at Hasbro. I truly hope each and every one of you can walk away knowing that you have touched the hearts of so many and have made an impact in these children's lives that will last them a lifetime.

Best wishes, and Semper Fidelis!
Kevin L. Shepherd
Sergeant / USMC

Photo Credit: Hillwood Airways

Team Hasbro

“We were the lucky ones to be able to help in any way we could.”
— Hasbro volunteer

Employees Bring Hope, Kindness & Joy to Our Communities

Team Hasbro, our employee volunteer program, provides employees with four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer with programs that benefit children. In 2017, Hasbro employees volunteered 75,000 hours with 94% of employees participating worldwide. That’s triple the average participation of other corporate volunteer programs!*

*(According to CECP, Giving in Numbers, 2017)

Service for Schools

Over the past five summers, as part of our Service for Schools initiative, 300+ employees took part in projects to refresh the inside and outside of all 17 public schools in Pawtucket, RI. This included creating inspirational murals like the one shown here.

Patti DiCenso, Superintendent of Pawtucket Public Schools, had this to say about Team Hasbro: “They look at it from the eye of the child . . . [and I] see the joy on their face when they are helping us, and I also see the joy every day . . . in the eyes of the children and the teachers.”

Global Day of Joy: Mission Kindness

In 2017, we celebrated the fifth annual Global Day of Joy, our company-wide day of service. Employees throughout the world participated in over 140 projects that benefited children in their local communities. We traveled around to play games, improve spaces, paint murals, distribute holiday gifts—and brighten spirits. For some volunteers, the highlight of the day was surprising strangers with random acts of kindness as part of our BE FEARLESS BE KIND signature philanthropic initiative.

For one act of kindness, Hasbro volunteers presented a toy to a young girl in a store. Her mother was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness. They learned that she was currently fostering eight children. The volunteers presented the mother with flowers, a gift certificate, and toys for all of her children. She gratefully accepted the gifts, commenting emotionally that their family had been struggling and Hasbro’s generosity would allow them to have a wonderful holiday.

94% of employees participating, in 40 countries = 100,000 children served!

4 Million Children Impacted

$22 Million in Total Philanthropic Support

$5 Million
Financial Support

1.6 Million
Toys and Games Donated


Employee Volunteer Participation*

15 Million Children & Caring Adults
Inspired to Be Kind

Philanthropic Partners



335,000 People Take the BE FEARLESS BE KIND Pledge.
Learn more.


Worldwide, Partners Provide Hope to Children.
Learn more.


Delivering the Joy of Play.
Learn more.


Employees Bring Hope, Kindness & Joy to Our Communities.
Learn more.



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