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Internal Memo: Town Hall Follow Up

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To:           Hasbro Global Employees

From:    Brian  Goldner, CEO and Chairman

RE:           Town Hall Follow Up

Date:     June 22, 2020


For those of you who were unable to join the Global Town Hall today, I encourage you to watch the replay that is now available. To our moderator and to our panel, I want to personally thank you. It takes a great deal of courage to share your personal stories and experiences, and I was incredibly, profoundly inspired. Empathy – real empathy that inspires action – starts with listening and brave conversations like this one.


Knowing we did not get to all of your questions, and many of them have to do Hasbro’s response and commitment, we wanted to follow up with more details about some of the immediate actions we are taking. While we are still in the process of listening and learning, we’ve heard several themes that we can address now, including:


· Transparency & Accountability: We understand that you want to know more about our actions to date and plans moving forward. We updated our Diversity & Inclusion Intranet site with more details about our commitment, our D&I teams and committees, our progress to date, and ways that you can get involved. We will be continually updating this site to serve as a central source for information about D&I at Hasbro, and we have added a button to the home page of the Intranet so you can easily access it.


· Expanding & Empowering our Employee Networks: Our Employee Networks have been critical in driving our progress to date. As mentioned, we are in the process of expanding our networks and increasing their budgets so they can be even more impactful within our company and community. Our networks are open to all employees globally and across Hasbro, eOne and Wizards. Learn more on the Employee Networks Intranet site, and if you would like to join one of our networks, please sign up here.


· Integration: We are expanding and diversifying our Diversity & Inclusion Executive Steering Committee to include leaders from eOne to ensure we’re integrated and aligned on our approach and our investments, and to maximize our impact across the full organization. You can read more about our Executive Steering Committee here.


· Reviewing our Goals: We are in the process of reviewing our current minority and gender goals to understand if adjustments are necessary to accelerate our progress. We first reported our D&I goals publicly in 2017, and will continue to be transparent with our goals, both internally and externally.


· Recruitment & Hiring: Over the past few years, we’ve taken several steps to help build a stronger, more diverse pipeline and address unconscious bias in the hiring process. But we can do more, and you’ll be hearing much more about this. In the meantime, you can read more about our efforts and access resources for hiring managers here.


· Training: As previously mentioned, unconscious bias training is a priority across the combined global organization, and we are rolling out virtual sessions starting in July. We’ve also added resources to Degreed for employees who want to educate themselves, and for managers who want to host discussions with their teams on these important issues.


· Taking Action: We realize that many of you are looking for guidance on what you can do now to make a difference. Within the resources on the Intranet site and Degreed pathway, we have ideas for educating yourself, talking to your children, making donations, and other ideas for getting involved.


· Growth & Development: We are building consistency and rigor in our talent selection process and developing additional training and mentorship to aid your career development. Your growth and development are a priority, and we’ll be sharing much more about this over the next few months.


· Continuing the Conversation: We’ve held about 15 forums to date, in addition to today’s panel, and we’re working on a series of initiatives to continue this important conversation. We will be sharing more details soon about the format and how to participate, but in the meantime, please continue the dialogue on the One Voice Yammer channel.


We are continuing to listen, and we’re in the process of developing long-term, action-oriented plans across our total organization, our brands and our storytelling.


Everyone deserves dignity, fairness and respect. This is just the beginning.


Thank you,


Brian Goldner