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eOne Premieres its First German-language Film:
Berlin Alexanderplatz

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A brilliant novel + a great director = a hotly anticipated film.

That’s exactly what eOne has in its first-ever German-language film that the team will distribute in Germany.


Berlin Alexanderplatz is based on the 1929 novel of the same name by Alfred Döblin, considered one of the most important and innovative German literary works.


Directed by Afghan-German auteur Burhan Qurbani (Shahada), Berlin Alexanderplatz was selected for the esteemed In Competition program at the recent Berlin Film Festival where it was very positively received by the press.


“To have one of 18 movies in competition was of course one of the greatest honours you can dream of as a filmmaker – as well as a distributor,” says Kerstin Hintze (Head of Theatrical Marketing – Germany, Film, eOne).


The film is set in modern-day Berlin, where a refugee struggles to make an honest living. Thrown into the Berlin underworld, the film traces a dark journey, full of love and friendship, betrayal and hatred.
eOne has been a part of the project since the very beginning. “We got involved in early 2018 – before the film went into production,” explains Benjamina Mirnik-Voges (Managing Director – Germany, Film, eOne). She continues: “When the producers, who are up-and-coming and very much in-demand, offered us the project we jumped right on it, reacting quickly and thereby avoiding competition. During the production we were hands-on, providing feedback where possible and supporting the producers.”


Preparing for the premiere has been a major undertaking. “Literally the whole eOne team in Germany was involved,” says Julia Winderlich (Manager, Publicity – Germany, Film, eOne). “…whether it’s been preparing the subtitled festival version of the movie, the electronic press kit, the booking of hotels, cars, hair and make-up artists, the briefing of the talent involved, writing press releases, or organizing the junket and handling talent. We were all infected by the so-called ‘Berlinale fever’! And it paid off, we had an amazing and successful time in Berlin!”


Berlin Alexanderplatz had its world premiere February 26 at Berlinale, with a theatrical release tentatively scheduled to launch across Germany on May 21.



Kerstin Hintze (left)
Head of Theatrical Marketing – Germany, Film


Julia Winderlich (center)
Manager, Publicity – Germany, Film


Benjamina Mirnik-Voges (right)
Managing Director – Germany, Film


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