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“Doo doos,” dinos and more

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From Baby Shark to full-grown dinosaurs, eOne’s Round Room Live is putting on some great performances around the world.


Because you (and the kids in your life) can’t get enough of this year’s biggest earworm, Round Room Live has you covered…with a live stage show for the one and only Baby Shark.


“The original YouTube video has 4.55 billion views,” explains Jonathan Linden (Co-President, Round Room Live).“It’s the third most-watched YouTube video – ever.” eOne and its partners are always scouting for great original content. Baby Shark certainly fit the bill.


“One of the biggest questions everyone asks is ‘how do you turn one song into a complete show?'” says Stephen Shaw (Co-President, Round Room Live). “The great news is that Pinkfong, the creator of Baby Shark, had a whole catalog of music that worked.” In the end, Baby Shark sold out, hitting 40 cities over six weeks. “The 2020 Baby Shark Tour launches February 29 and visits close to 100 cities,” adds Jonathan.


Baby Shark shows just how well Round Room has its finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting – and it’s not the only thing the team is working on. It’s a fascinating list that includes:


Blippi Live – 200 million monthly viewers can’t be wrong.

If you’re not a parent of young ones, you’d be excused for missing out on the specs-wearing-wonder that is Blippi. The actor creates educational YouTube clips for the 2-6 set with loads of energy and brightly colored glasses.


The Blippi character launched a February 2020 tour that hits 40 cities. “He’s taught millions of kids to count, recognize colors and learn the alphabet,” says Stephen. “The show promises more of the educational bent, being both entertaining and nourishing to kids.”


Jurassic World – The Exhibition – An immersive experience.

Set to coincide with the release of the next Jurassic World movie, is the North American premiere of a gigantic exhibition. “North American audiences in particular are really looking for immersive, interactive experiences,” offers Jonathan. That’s exactly what the new exhibit will promise when it launches in late 2020. Look for life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, some great technology, and even an educational element.


And if all of that wasn’t enough for Round Room, there’s more from the likes of PJ Masks and a few big ideas they’re working on that will be announced soon.


Stay tuned – there’s more fun to be had.

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