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Debut of Virtually Plastic-Free Packaging

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In August 2019, Hasbro announced plans to phase out plastic from new product packaging beginning this year, with the goal of eliminating virtually all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022. This includes plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets and blister packs.


“Our plans to eliminate virtually all plastic for new product packaging by the end of 2022 builds on our long-standing commitment to sustainability and actively demonstrates how we’re achieving our purpose to make the world a better place for children and their families,” said Kathrin Belliveau, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility. “When we refer to the “world,” this includes the environment and our commitment to protecting the planet for future generations.”


Belliveau discussed Hasbro’s internal efforts in this venture to virtually plastic-free packaging saying, “Our in-house packaging team is constantly innovating, testing and validating new materials, exploring new solutions and developing best practices to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging.” The first products to feature virtually plastic-free packaging were introduced at New York Toy Fair, including Hasbro’s new Troll’s mini-playset.


Hasbro has a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, from eliminating wire ties in 2010 and adding How2Recycle® labeling in 2016, to the use of plant-based bioPET in 2018, and most recently, launching an industry-leading toy recycling program with TerraCycle®. Hasbro’s Sustainability Center of Excellence is charged with driving the integration of sustainability across the business, including driving sustainable packaging design principles.


Hasbro’s Toy Recycling Program enables consumers to send well-loved Hasbro toys and games to TerraCycle, a global leader in product recycling, who will recycle them into materials to be used in the construction of play spaces, flowerpots, park benches, and other innovative uses. Initially launched and piloted in the US, Hasbro has since expanded the program to France, Germany, Brazil and Canada, and plans to launch in the UK in early 2020. Further expansion into additional markets is being explored as well, with the goal of ensuring all Hasbro toys and games are recyclable in the major markets where it does business.


To learn more about Hasbro's sustainability efforts, visit and read our CSR Report, Playing with Purpose.

On the left: Hasbro’s Trolls mini-playset with the traditional plastic window-box packaging from 2018. On the right: Hasbro’s new Trolls mini-playset featuring the first virtually plastic-free packaging for 2020.
Trolls Mini Playset